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Advanced Planning


The advanced planning process begins with an open dialogue about your needs, desires, concerns and experiences. In order to build a personalized plan, we would first establish a thorough understanding of who you are and what you wish to accomplish.  Similar to how a physician cannot diagnose without examining, we cannot craft a well-developed plan without knowing your story. An advanced plan should be designed to not only satisfy your ongoing financial obligations, but to also provide a roadmap for achieving your specific future goals.





Every advanced plan should deal with these key areas:

Wealth Preservation

Wealth preservation is not just about the loss of capital, it is about having enough money to fund a lifestyle. The best way to achieve this is through an investment strategy that produces optimal returns consistent with your ability, willingness, and need to take risks.


Wealth Enhancement

The goal of wealth enhancement is to minimize the tax impact on your investment returns while ensuring adequate cash flow.


Wealth Transfer

In order to have a peaceful and orderly distribution of your legacy, documents are sometimes not enough. A definitive, well-thought-out plan can help soothe potential conflict among remaining family members, minimize estate tax and preserve your family’s wealth for many generations.


Wealth Protection

Wealth protection helps mitigate the risks associated with catastrophic loss, creditors, predators, identity thieves, children’s spouses and potential ex-spouses.


Charitable Giving

Charitable giving involves personal philanthropic decisions that may take place during one’s lifetime or at death. It encompasses all issues related to fulfilling charitable goals in the most impactful way possible. Charitable giving can often support goals in each of the other advanced planning categories.

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